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Hello everybody,

For the fifth year, Mardi c’est Roller (and its association La Nappe à Carreaux) launch the hike mixing Rollerblade, Distance, Traditional cuisine and friendliness.

This year’s hike will take place during the second week of September (from 5 to 12 September 2009)

It is called the Touring of “Midi” (South of France) "La Rando du Midi". It will take place between Toulouse, Bordeaux and Atlantic Ocean .

For those who know or those who are new, we keep the same ingredients as the previous hikes (We skate, We visit, We taste) :
- Sixty Km on in-lines per day
- The big tent to restore and keep in shape (“reasonable”)
- The truck, carrying bags and camping tents from camping to camping
- The cook who remains faithful to the post!
- Meeting with International participation (we have already received the participants nationalities as : German, American, Belgian, French, Italian, Russian,Sweden, Switzerland, Czech)
- New: The tracking is a bit more random than in recent years but as the region offers many of cycle ways, this should not pose too many problems (Xavier, based in Toulouse gives us all info that he can)
- 1 or 2 bikes to accompany us (especially if we can hang the small trailer)
- The number of registration is limited to 20 people
- Almost everything is included in the participation (access, camping, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, wine tasting). The costs are not yet finished, but the participation fees should be 400euros per pers (but not more).

Rather than a long speech here are the previous hikes in pictures:

- 2005, "La Rando des Dunes" Touring the Dunes (Atlantic cost from Pointe de Grave to Biarritz)

- 2006, "RDDvol.2" Touring the Dunes vol2 ( Atlantic cost from Rochefort to Spain)

Report in Russian

- 2007, "RDViB" Touring of wines (from North Burgundy to South passing by Vezelay)
Patchwork of Photos
Report in Czech

- 2008, "La Rando des Vignes 2" Touring of vines vol.2 ( from North Burgundy to South passing by Alesia)

Le small reportage of JT TV
The opinions of the participants

- 2009, Touring of “Midi”, it remains to be done

We have not yet completed the preparation of this hike, so for more information, subscribe to the mailing list: Subsciption to receive information about "La rando du Midi"

It would be nice if you could put this message (copy/paste) to your favorite web sites of forum of in-line skating (in your language). Please do not put my e-mail address in your messages on forum (because of spams).

PS : The post driver of the car broom is still to be filled, for the fans

Hoping to see you soon for this new touring

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