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Once again, Mardi C’est Roller is organising Roller rides, mixing km and discovery :

RDViB : Vinyards of Burgundy (one week, sept 2007)

- RDViB (September 2007, second week) : the "RiDe in the Vineyards of Burgundy”: a one-week ride through the vineyards of Burgundy, north (Chablis) and south (Beaune, Nuit St George), discovering the region highlights (the Vezelay Basilica, the Halles of Beaune...) and testing local gastronomy (snails, Gougère...),

- RDViB : RiDe through Vineyards in Burgundy 2007

Paris-Moskva, Summer 2008

- Paris-Moscow 2008: a big and nice project, to link Paris to Moscow, i.e. 3000km, in 5-6 weeks during summer 2008 (some bikes will come with us too).

- Paris-Moskva 2008
- Le Forum

Information / Particiaption

To get more information on these 2 projects, you will be also able to register to a specific mailing list to share and follow everything about the organisation.

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Mailing-list Paris-Moskva 2008
Mailing-list RDViB : RiDe across the Vineyard in Burgundy (2007 september)
Mailing-list PARIS-MOSKVA and RDViB

Quelques mots à transmettre à l'équipe. A few words for the staff :

A bientot sur roulette, See you soon with skates...

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