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the Day is coming quickly, and you are surely trying to pack your stuffs and not forget the most important. Here are some information and useful tips to help you in this tough task.


We will meet in Auxerre in the 15th of August. Depending on how you are coming there, we propose two places.
- for people coming by car, you can go directly to the camping place : Camping Municipal d’Auxerre

We will be there at about 17:00 - 18:00.

- for people coming by train, one of us will wait for you at the station and help you with your bags to the camping.

We will all gather at the camping, put our tents and go for a little ride in the old center of this beautiful city. We will then come back and have dinner with some products from YOUR own countries/regions. It’s a really good way to introduce to one another. So don’t forget to bring something for eating or drinking that you’d like to share with everyone.

We will also put all the cars in a safe place where they will spend the week.

La Rando

We will start skating everyday at 8:00 to enjoy the best part of the day. Breakfast will be served until 7:30. Our staff also have long days and need to leave quickly to prepare everything for lunch and dinner (and you’ll not be disappointed!)

You’ll only need to take the minimum with you : one bottle of water and light cloths, your baggages will be carried by a car to the next camping.

We will be followed by another car on the road that will supply us with water and snacks.

We will then have lunch, little nap and go back on the road.

The afternoons will be shorter and in camping you’ll have time to rest before enjoying "les Spécialités de Bougognes" prepared by our Chef.

In most camping places, we will have the opportunity to take a bath in a pound, river or swimming pool. So, don’t forget your swimsuit! Take also some water shoes, there might be some cutting stones at the bottom.

We tried to take the best roads we could find. Unfortunately, they are not always with flat, smooth asphalt. Burgundy is not a flat country and we will face some little up and downhills. Don’t worry, nothing impossible.

If you are not comfortable going down, there will always be somebody to help you. But don’t forget to take some extra break too.

We also recommend big wheels, it’s sometimes easier on bad asphalt.

Helmet is mandatory, we cannot allow somebody to join us without it. We also strongly encourage the use of other protections: wrists, knees.


French laws are a bit complicated and we want to do what is best for everybody.

This is why we, at Mardi C’est Roller, created an Association "La Nappe à Carreaux" to wrap our event in a legal suite. Thus, we need to ask you some documents:
- a copy of your identity paper. It could be passport or identity card
- a medical certificate or copy of your skating license
- a copy of a document attesting that your insurance covers you for this sport event

In Auxerre, you’ll also have to sign a document. I’ll send you the text of this paper.

A little part of the price you paid for this Rando will be used as joining fee for our Association. You are now officially part of it. This is necessary for our own insurance to work properly.

Tips and organization

We published a pack list on our website to help you gather your things and not forget anything important. Just print it and tick the items.

- The cheklist-packlist for the trip

You can fond other useful information here:

- La Rando Des Vignes 2008, 2e édition

People are coming by car or train. If you’d like to share a car or take the train together, you can give your information in this mailing list (route, timetables, etc.)

I hope this information will help you prepare in good as possible.

See you in Auxerre!!!


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