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All about the Ride on the Dunes Vol.2

The RiDe on the Dunes ? What is it ? Does it hurt ? With which wine can we eat it ? Where can I find one ?

What is it ? The Ride on the Dune, also known as la Rando Des Dunes (in french) or the RDDvol2, is a one week journey with skates from Rochefort to Hendaye at the spanish border, a 400km ride by the Atlantic sea through the Aquitaine, in the great wild sceneries of the pine forests and the endless beaches. Take a look at the leaflet above, and read the detailed description.

Why "vol.2" ? Because there was a previous edition last year. It was a real success and everyone enjoyed it. So, why not doing it again ? But much greater this time, because you will certainly join us.

I want to know more If you have any question, read the FAQ, then visit our forum. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to remain informed of any news concerning this event. And one you have made up your mind, fill the form and join us !

Detailed articles

-  Les comptes-rendu, Reporting : 

Les comptes rendu des participant/ The reporting of the participant.

-  Organisation : 

Toute l’organisation et les prépararatifs pour la Rando des Dunes "the Ride on The Dunes". All the Organization about "the Ride on The Dunes"

-  What is "the RiDe on the Dunes vol.2" ? 1 - 20 July 2006 - 

400KM of rollerskating, with the Sun, the Sea, the Dunes and the Frensh Culture.

-  C’est quoi "la Rando des Dunes Vol.2" ?  - 20 juillet 2006 - 

400Km de piste cyclable, le long le cote atlantique dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

-  RDD Vol. 1  - 30 juin 2006 -